Mary-Cynthia Kosi Udoh

Advocacy Scholars Program Course Director

Mary-Cynthia Kosi Udoh is a fourth-year medical student at Georgetown American University.

She is elated about the opportunity to serve as the course director for the Advocacy Scholars Program and eager to use this opportunity as an AMSA National leader to highlight ways current and future health care providers can advocate for their patients, most especially for the underserved communities.

In the past, she has served as the parliamentarian for the Student Government Association, Secretary for her AMSA local chapter and currently serves as the President for her AMSA local chapter, where she fosters a sense of community to support medical students throughout medical school. She enjoys volunteering and organizing outreach events and is passionate about women’s health, rural medicine and the underserved population. She inspires to bridge the gap between patients and quality, individualized, tailored healthcare.

When she is not doing Medicine, Kosi loves to watch series and movies, traveling, reading and a healthy dose of social media.