Evani Patel

My name is Evani and I am an MS3 at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. My interest in Global Health first grew when I was introduced to the NGO, Partners In Health, after which I volunteered for the University of Toronto’s PIH Chapter, and served as a part-time intern at their PIHC head office (P.S I also got to meet Paul Farmer in 2018 and it was hands-down the best talk I’ve ever been to!). During my undergrad, I was also involved with research on refugee and migrant health at the SickKids Hospital, which soon led me to a trip to Greece where I was able to learn about solidaric health systems. I soon realized that my interest in Global Health was growing avidly, and I vowed to continue chasing my passion for health advocacy as I went into medicine. In Ireland, I then became involved with the Irish Forum for Global Health as part of their student outreach team, where I got to work on academic projects with EvidenceAid Oxford and Irish Doctors for the Environment, and also attend Global Health conferences across the country. The past year, I served as RCSI AMSA’s Chair for Action and Advocacy, after which I wanted to expand my horizons to AMSA National. In the future, I want to reinforce principles of social medicine at all levels of patient care by working with key stakeholders and advocating for health equity and accessibility, and also providing health services for marginalized populations.