Angely Catano

Integrative Medicine Scholars Program Course Director

Angely Catano is a Fourth-year International Medical Student at O&M Medical School (O&Med) in the Dominican Republic. Recently, Angely published an Article in the magazine The New Physician, Atomic Habits: My Journey Towards Wellness, was partly inspired by her being a previous scholar in this program and desiring others can learn the importance of wellness as medical students and future physicians. In the past 4 years, she had been involved in multiple community-based research projects in the country with her school and an invited speaker in training and mentorship programs about participatory action research. Currently, the National Officer of The Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE) of Organizacion Dominicana de Estudiantes de Medicina (ODEM) which is part of IFMSA.

She is passionate about health prevention and promotion, teaching others, and making a positive impact in society and in the medical field. She has neurology/neurosurgery aspirations with interest in research and the development of new technologies. Away from medicine, Angely enjoys spending time with family and friends, dancing, reading, working with non-profit organizations, doing yoga, and playing tennis.