Open Letter to our AMSA Community

June 10, 2024

In response to recent feedback regarding shifts in AMSA’s CBIA (Constitution, Bylaws and Internal Affairs)

 As the current Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of the American Medical Student Association, we stand united in our commitment to uphold the integrity and broad scope of AMSA’s mission. Our organization has always been more than just a single-issue entity; we are a dynamic, multi-issue organization dedicated to addressing a wide array of crucial healthcare challenges.

AMSA is, and always has been, a student-led organization. This means that the direction we take each year is directly influenced by the voices of our current student members. They are not only future healthcare professionals but also current leaders who identify and prioritize the areas where AMSA can make the most significant impact. Whether it’s advocating for reproductive rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, striving for greater diversity among practicing physicians, or enhancing healthcare access in rural areas—our mission covers the vast landscape of healthcare needs.

We appreciate the passion of our alumni, who continue to use their voices to advocate for what they believe in. This is exactly what AMSA aims to teach future physicians: the power and responsibility of advocacy. 

We recognize the concerns raised about AMSA’s recent decision to expand potential funding options, and to consider conditional funding from pharmaceutical companies. We want to reassure you that this decision was made with rigorous debate and thoughtful consideration of how best to support our mission while maintaining our values. We recognize the continued concern for potential undue influence of industry funding on medical education and the treatment of patients and as such, are still committed to our PharmFree work. Additionally, we took explicit care to include in the decision that any future funds accepted would be designated strictly for initiatives that align with our core goals, and come with stringent safeguards to prevent any influence over our content or advocacy. This commitment to our values is non-negotiable.

We remain, as ever, committed to ensuring that all our operations, including our use of funds, adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct and independence. We believe in the power of open dialogue and are always here to address any concerns from our community. In fact, we welcome and encourage ongoing conversations about AMSA’s policies and practices.

As we move forward, we remain unapologetically AMSA, dedicated to our mission of improving healthcare for all, driven by the innovative and compassionate spirit of our student leaders. We invite you to join us in these endeavors, whether by engaging in discussions, participating in AMSA programs, or contributing to our mission in other ways.

Together, we can continue to achieve great things for the future of healthcare.


AMSA Board of Trustees

AMSA Board of Directors