AMSA’s Reproductive Health Mentorship Sprint is designed to pair interested mentors and mentees for a structured 4-week mentorship experience to discuss topics like:

  • Reproductive Justice
  • Preparing for a family planning focused ObGyn or Family Medicine residency 
  • Career opportunities for abortion provision
  • The effects of public policy on reproductive health clinical care
  • Work-life balance as an abortion care clinician 
  • Health advocacy as a physician

Eligible applicants will be paired by their indication of interest in the above topics. We’ll match you with a mentor/mentee with similar interests, and we’ll suggest your top 4 shared interests to serve as topics of discussion for four calls, one per week as explained further below.


Why does Reproductive Health Mentorship matter?

Tomorrow’s physicians are looking for the training and knowledge to completely care for their patients’ reproductive needs.

Medical students who envision becoming trained abortion providers often don’t know what settings are available to practice in, what factors exist in the U.S. today surrounding abortion care, or what life is like as an abortion provider in context of choosing a specialty and career path.

On the other hand, the world of abortion provision is a close-knit society and clinicians with this experience are often eager for the chance to share their knowledge and equip future physicians to enter the field.

We hope that this program will be one step towards creating better outcomes for patients in need of complete and accessible reproductive healthcare, through strengthening our community.

Are you a current medical student who would like to be paired with a mentor to explore the issue area above?

Are you a current or retired family planning physician who would like to be paired with a mentee to explore the issue area above?

What is my commitment?

By applying to this program, you agree to participate in 4 weekly calls, 1 per week during the month-long program. This may be a voice or video call as agreed upon and arranged by each individual pair. The suggested length of each call to ensure adequate time to address the topic for the week is 30 minutes or more.

We hope that the connections made through this program will continue beyond the duration of the program, but the “sprint” design of the program is intended to allow our mentors and mentees to squeeze this valuable interaction into their busy schedules.

One requirement of the program is joining AMSA Connect, AMSA’s mentorship platform. You’ll be instructed on how to do this as part of this program if you’re not already in our online mentorship community. For mentors, this means that you’ll be included in our network of physician mentors and may be reached out to with general mentorship inquiries from medical students through the platform (which primarily functions through email and asynchronous online interaction). You’re not required to stay in the community after this program ends, but it may be a way for you to continue to engage in mentorship and stay in touch with your Reproductive Health Mentorship Sprint connections.

Program Timeline

  • Application Deadline: June 1
  • Mentoring sessions take place: June 14—July 5 (one session per week)
  • Program conclusion happy hour: July 7