AMSA-KP Fellowship Program

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The AMSA-KP Education and Advocacy Fellow (EAF) is a unique position for an AMSA medical student member to spend a year augmenting their formal medical training with the opportunity to delve deeply into critical issues affecting physicians-in-training, health policy, practice and regulation, and medical professionalism. The EAF serves multiple roles at the American Medical Student Association while working closely with staff and national leaders to enhance educational programming and advocacy initiatives throughout the organization.

In terms of the experiential education offered, the EAF will benefit from providing leadership and contributing to the strategic direction on a number of areas within the organization. The objectives of the fellowship include learning and refining the fellow’s skills in grassroots organizing, leadership development, strategic planning, and advocacy.

AMSA is grateful to Kaiser Permanente for supporting this position for over four years. As the result of the partnership with Kaiser Permanente, AMSA has been pleased to incorporate a community-focused rotation for the EAF in Northern California. In addition, the EAF has been able to assist with an array of educational programming with the goal of developing knowledge and skills in areas that are not traditionally included in medical school curricula and to provide guidance to AMSA’s various campaigns and committees establishing and developing ties with medical education and advocacy organizations across the U.S. and internationally working on projects consistent with AMSA’s mission.

To continue this position of leadership and service without interruption to the goals and mission of the Education and Advocacy Fellowship Program, AMSA is currently seeking a new sponsor for implementation and recognition to begin in May 2021. To support this important position, contact Sandy Fridy, AMSA Director of Business Development at