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Take Part in Career Development Opportunities

National Leadership Positions

AMSA depends on dedicated student leaders to devote their extracurricular time and energy on their responsibilities as national leaders. Each leadership position varies greatly with respect to responsibility, time commitment and previous experience required. However, each requires a good working knowledge of our organization, dedication and excitement for AMSA.

Candidates should have a working knowledge of our organization and should also feel free to contact the person who currently holds the position in which you are interested for more information. AMSA is your organization and we encourage you to be involved at whatever level is best for you! Learn more

Fellowship Program

The AMSA Fellowship Program is an intensive one-year long educational immersion experience. Through experiential education, mentorship, professional development opportunities, and individual scholarly pursuits, fellows support AMSA’s vision while gaining knowledge about organizational development and leadership. Learn more

Get Involved with AMSA's Action Committees, Campaigns & Initiatives

Action Committees

For years, AMSA’s action committee leaders have referred to their groups as the heart and soul of AMSA. And in many ways they are. AMSA’s committees represent areas the Association feels all medical students should value as vital in becoming a socially responsible physician/healer. They promote these areas of interest and associated projects to AMSA members on national, regional and local levels and are integral in helping AMSA maintain its dynamic view of medicine amidst tremendous and rapid change. Getting involved with AMSA Action Committees is one of the best ways to learn, network, and take an active role in AMSA activities. Learn more

Campaigns & Initiatives

AMSA has a robust history of activism and mobilizing around social justice movements relevant to our mission. Often social change occurs from the ground up by bringing supporters to causes through grassroots organizing around specific issues. AMSA’s major campaigns include: Just Medicine, Med Out the Vote, Health Care for All, AIDS Advocacy Network, and Med Students for Gun Safety. Learn more

Participate in a Week of Action

National Primary Care Week

National Primary Care Week (NPCW) is an annual event to highlight the importance of primary care and bring health care professionals together to discuss and learn about the impacts climate change can and will have on human health and health care.

A Week of Addiction and Recovery Education

A Week of Addiction and Recovery Education (AWARE)’s mission is to raise awareness about substance misuse and abuse as a public health priority; instill a compassionate, total health approach to care that is free of stigma and based in evidence; explore current themes and models of prevention, treatment, and recovery; and cultivate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for community engagement and improvement.

Health Equity Week of Action

Health Equity Week of Action (HEWA) is an annual week-long event that focuses on raising awareness about the health disparities that exist across racial, ethnic, cultural, and social groups. HEWA utilizes a variety of interactive and innovative events to inform and inspire the actions needed to eradicate such health inequities.

See How AMSA Advocates for Evidence-Based Medicine

For the past decade, there has been a growing chorus of voices comprised of citizens, politicians and healthcare leaders calling for attention to the conflicts of interest in medicine. These conflicts of interests have led to an erosion of trust that is the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship.  Medical schools and academic medical centers have played a powerful leadership role in setting new standards for the profession.

In 2007, The American Medical Student Association AMSA released the first Scorecard. The Scorecard has been updated over time, and we are proud of the rigorous and transparent methodology used to assess medical school policies. All policies will be blinded and rated by multiple reviewers for the core policy domains. Please visit the methodology section of the AMSA Scorecard for full details on these policy domains and rating system.