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NEJM Subscription Discounts

The New England Journal of Medicine has partnered with AMSA in order to provide medical students access to NEJM at a discounted rate. As an AMSA student member, you can subscribe to NEJM for $52, which includes 52 issues of NEJM in print, full access to, access to issues on the NEJM iPad Edition, and access to NEJM Resident 360.

While NEJM is best known for publishing research that is scientifically important, accurate, and novel, NEJM content continues to guide clinicians through the evolving medical landscape and helps young physicians enhance their diagnostic skills. now includes:

NEJM is also available on audio, as weekly summaries or Clinical Practice audio articles. Choose from three iPhone apps – NEJM This Week, Image Challenge, and NEJM CareerCenter.
NEJM content is more accessible than ever to
the next generation of physicians.

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