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Level I – Beginner Level II – Intermediate Level III – Advanced
At the Clinic Sexual Health Tuberculosis
Questions about Pain Myocardial Infarction Metabolic Syndrome
Diet / Diabetes Pneumology Trauma
Minor Trauma / Accidents Pharmacy / Medicines Discharge Planning
Vaccines / Allergies Urology Breast, Cervical, Uterine Cancer
Cardiology Pregnancy / Prenatal Care Well Baby Visit
Cancer Screening Pre- and Post-Op Death & Dying
Depression / Anxiety Elder Care HIV/AIDS
Talking about Headaches Alcohol / Drug Abuse Depression / Suicide
Stroke Seizures

The learning outcomes of Canopy Learn are to: build linguistic capacity, enabling the student to better build rapport with Spanish-speaking patients to provide effective and compassionate care; to acquire specialized medical vocabulary across a wide spectrum of commonly-encountered medical scenarios; and, to gain a deepened awareness for the cultural diversity found within the Spanish-speaking world in addition to an appreciation for the necessity of heightened cultural sensitivity necessary to provide empathetic and effective patient care. Learn more here.

Another technology that you can access is Canopy Speak!

Canopy Speak features the largest library of multilingual medical phrases ever created and a one-touch button to connect to a facility’s phone interpreter line. With Canopy Speak, a provider can play phrases like “Take long, slow, deep breaths”, “You will feel a pinch and burn as we insert the numbing medication”, “On a scale of 1-10, show me on your hands your level of pain” “Did your pain medication help?” out loud to the patient in their language. Currently, this routine, basic but necessary communication is frequently omitted for limited English proficiency (LEP) patients.  Learn more and download for free here.

Canopy Innovations hopes that the greater AMSA community benefits from this tool. As a member benefit, you have a portal directly to the development team to report your feedback about the app: your opinions matter to us! Your voices help to influence the direction of the technology: feedback channel here.