AMSA International Members

Additional choices include: electronic version of Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Integrated Systems (M1s and M2s); Boards & Wards USMLE Steps 2 & 3 and Blueprints Obstetrics & Gynecology (M3s and M4s). Courtesy of Wolters Kluwer.

International Medical: $75 for full length of medical education

Available to any person engaged in international medical education. AMSA membership is valid for the entirety of your medical career, and transfers with you regardless of school. The membership fee is a one-time, up-front payment protecting you from any future dues increases.

Take advantage of everything AMSA and our 20+ Partners have to offer:

  • In-Person Events: Compete in Sim Challenge, practice clinical skills, explore current issues in medicine, network at in-person events.
  • DRPath App: Follow this timeline and guide to navigate the United States pathway to becoming a practicing physician.
  • National Leadership Opportunities: Serve in a national leadership role to develop professionally alongside peers from around the world.
  • Match Prep: Examine your strengths and challenge areas while perfecting your residency application with AMSA’s Applied Match Preparation (AMP) Program.
  • Partner Discounts: Take advantage of discounts on test prep such as Becker Professional Education, learning resources like UpToDate®, and wellness support such as online counseling with BetterHelp.
  • Publications: Stay on top of current issues in health care and education with The New Physician magazine, Weekly Consult e-newsletter, AMSA ad lib podcast, and more.
  • Virtual Programs: Engage with peers across the country without travel limitations through AMSA’s Scholars Programs.