“Learn, teach and persevere”

May 01, 2018

Leader Spotlight: M Sai Sankeerth

Today’s spotlight is AMSA member and leader M Sai Sankeerth! Sai is a medical student at American International Medical University and will serve as one of AMSA’s National International Regional Director for Region 1 for the 2018-2019 year.

AMSA AIMU Chapter President 2015-2016; AMSA AIMU Chapter leader/Board Adviser 2016-Current; AIDS Advocacy Scholar program Participant; AMSA AIDS Advocacy Network Member

Why did you join AMSA?

The probability that AMSA could help me train myself to be updated and stay close to reality attracted me to join AMSA the moment I found about it. As a Caribbean medical school student aspiring to enter a Residency program in the states, I had a lot to learn and very few realistic sources on the island. In my initial days as a first-year med school student, I came across AMSA. AMSA’s website was the best designed place for me to explore so many things that were new to me. I realized right away that it was the best opportunity I could dream of–to learn and acquire a realistic conceptualization of the medical practice in the United States!

Why did you become an AMSA leader?

AMSA as an organization for physicians-in training has always been a great opportunity to explore various aspects of a med student’s life! One of these aspects was leadership skills. The opportunities I got through AMSA were definitely enhanced by my interest in leadership. As a chapter leader I was able to implement outreach activities on the island and see the real deal as a basic science student.

AMSA has a structure with “knowledge to lead and capability in teaching to lead.” This helped me explore the best possible outcomes of leadership while learning to work along with peers efficiently. The best part about AMSA is that, it helped me train and hone my intuitions as a leader. Constituting of awesome members, the national leaders and staff always encouraged and helped me through out!

What is your favorite AMSA moment?

All the moments I have spent with AMSA, as a member and a leader, have been enlightening to me. From the various health outreach camps, awareness events, the scholars program, the leadership program, conferences and many more. The highlight of my journey navigating through my basic sciences happened when I was in 5th semester. Our chapter organized a semester-long “Clinical and surgical skills lab”–a program I designed, executed with the help of our school staff and AMSA AIMU board. The brand AMSA commanded respect, enough to run this program smoothly and make it a huge success with participation of over 80 students. It was a success unparalleled to anything our school had seen before though a student organization. AMSA AIMU now executes this program every year, and it makes us proud to be able to learn and create an opportunity for everyone else to learn through this program.

What advice would you give to current & future AMSA leaders?

AMSA is a HUGE opportunity to learn from and become better physicians in the due course. All the national leaders are exceptionally embraceable for their support and help. Utilize the support to be a better student, a great leader and an extraordinary physician. Active involvement with AMSA during med school will give you an edge over the others and brighten all future prospects. Learn, teach and persevere through AMSA and never be shy to seek help!


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