“Identify your passion and set a goal that you want to achieve”

August 01, 2018

Leader Spotlight: Haya Al Any

Today’s spotlight is AMSA member and leader Haya Al Any! Haya is serving as Premedical Trustee on AMSA’s Board of Trustees for the 2018-2019 leadership year.

Premedical Trustee, AMSA National Board of Trustees 2018-2019; Premedical Regional Director, AMSA National 2017-2018; Vice Chair, IFMSA Council, AMSA National 2017-2018; Committee member, AMSA at ASU Board of Executives 2016-2017.

Why did you join AMSA?

From the very start, I could clearly see how AMSA had defined a mission that set itself apart from other medical student associations. AMSA aims to help premedical and medical students gain deeper insight into the profession of a medicine. It helps students sense the responsibility that doctors carry throughout their journey even before getting into medical school. But what really makes AMSA unique is its focus on improving the health care system.

The efforts presented to help secure a better life for medical students and medical doctors is another reason why I was attracted to AMSA. When I became a part of AMSA, I realized that the key to grow is asking more questions; and the answers will open new doors for success. I wanted to become a health care advocate, an active member in the community of health care professionals who can induce a true change in healthcare policy. I asked, “How I can fulfill this desire?” and the answer was presented as an opportunity to participate in one advocacy event. A cascade of events followed and today I have the pleasure to be serving among the team of AMSA national leaders. AMSA helped me grow and continues to do so. Today I see no limits to where I can go with AMSA as long as I adhere to its core mission and my personal goals.

Why did you become an AMSA leader?

I always believed in the concept of leadership by example. I assumed a leadership position to communicate my own experience to other committed premedical students. Besides the willingness to help fellow premedical student reach their ultimate potential and become competent medical school candidates, I wanted to transfer AMSA’s mission to each and every local chapter. I am aware that the change I aspire to see in our health care system in the future needs a collective effort to become evident in real life. I want to raise the awareness of premedical students on the challenges patients and medical staff encounter. I wanted to prove to them that becoming a part of AMSA is one effective way through which they can deliver their voices and help tackle these challenges. As Premedical Trustee, my goal is to continue casting AMSA national’s activities at the local level and help students become an active part of the march to the change.

What is your favorite AMSA moment?

My favorite moment was when I addressed community college premedical students at the AMSA PremedFest in Tampa, Florida, in 2017. The experience helped me connect with many individuals who showed an extreme level of dedication to AMSA’s mission. I could sense the extent to which AMSA can help these students become more confident and more determined to succeed. I heard different, unconventional stories and could communicate with students who took different routes to becoming medical doctors. This experience provided an opportunity for me to see the process of growing as a leader in the community from a new lens. I learned that we can share the same passion and be aiming to achieve the same goal while taking different pathways which all will eventually put us where we want to be.

What advice would you give to current & future AMSA leaders?

My advice is to first identify your passion and set a goal that you want to achieve at the personal, professional and academic level. When you put your passion in one hand and the resources AMSA provides you in the other hand, you will see unlimited projects you can embark on.


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