Leader Spotlight: Chloe Waters

July 01, 2017

Read about how AMSA’s International Region Director, Region 1 Chloe Waters’ found a community upon which to build at her AMSA Chapter.

MS2, Focus: Emergency Medicine
Saint James School of Medicine – St. Vincent & the Grenadines

When did you join AMSA?

March 2016

AMSA Leadership Experience

AMSA International Region Director, Region 1: May 2017
SJSM, Saint Vincent President: August-April 2017
SJSM, Saint Vincent Recruitment Officer: March-August 2016

Why did you join AMSA?

Saint James School of Medicine, Saint Vincent campus, is a small and secluded network. Upon arrival to the island, I noticed how disconnected the students seemed from each other. One of the only organizations that seemed to rise above the others and foster strong ties with fellow physicians-in-training was the local AMSA chapter. This fellowship was what initially peaked my interest. Then research unveiled the other opportunities that AMSA provides. I quickly realized that AMSA membership was not a short-term investment, but would be an organization that would give back as much as I put forth.

Why did you become an AMSA leader?

I love to brainstorm ideas with like-minded individuals and make those ideas come to fruition. In order to get involved and change the paradigm at school, AMSA was the perfect outlet. I started off in recruitment. My enthusiasm was able to spark an increase in membership and participation. Soon, my efforts weren’t solely focused on numbers, but rather how can the local chapter make a difference. My desire to push the chapter to new heights pushed me into the position as President and now as International Region Director for Region 1. As I have worked my way up in leadership, I learn about more new and exciting opportunities that AMSA offers–and it continues to ignite my enthusiasm to lead within AMSA.

What is your Favorite AMSA Moment?

My favorite AMSA moments occur at our monthly breast cancer screenings and health fairs in the small, Vincentian Community of Calliaqua. There are too many good memories to count! They all involve the excitement and sincere gratitude that radiates from the community when we arrive and set up for the day. Our consistency with our events have landed us in the calendars of many locals who do not have easy access to health facilities. Seeing the caring and compassionate interactions between my team and the community have filled my heart with so much joy–and AMSA laid that foundation for us to build upon.
What advice would you give to current & future AMSA leaders?

It may sound like common sense, but communicate. Communication is the most important and easiest tool at our disposal as leaders; however, it is often the most sparsely used resource. Nearly every obstacle and disparity we will face as leaders can easily be solved (or avoided) if we encourage and push strong and open communication. It takes practice and self-awareness, but once you can master communication–you will find your team will work as a cohesive unit and your team will conquer any challenge.