Always trust yourself and have a positive mindset

June 15, 2018

Leader Spotlight: Brandon Dickey

Today’s spotlight is AMSA member and leader Brandon Dickey! Brandon is a premedical student at Texas A&M University and served as one of AMSA’s National Premedical Regional Directors for the 2017-2018 year.

How have you been involved with AMSA?

I have been an AMSA member for almost three years now. My first year with AMSA, I was awarded Silver status active member at my chapter. In my second year, my local chapter officers appointed me the Global and Local Health Committee Head position. I had the privilege of leading my committee in a variety of activities on Texas A&M campus such as Relay for Life, local blood drives and health topic presentations. In my third year, my local chapter elected me the officer position as the Director of Volunteering. In this position, I connected members in our local chapter with other medical and community service organizations in the Bryan, College Station area. These leadership experiences have enabled me to work with and help other pre-medical students pursue their dreams and nurture their path to the medical field.

Why did you join AMSA?

I joined AMSA because I wanted to surround myself with people who had the same aspirations and dedication that I had to becoming a physician. When I went to an informational session on AMSA, I learned about all of the incredible volunteering, shadowing and leadership opportunities. I immediately made friends who were entering the same journey that I was embarking on. My friends that I have made through AMSA are my best friends in college and I am sure will be lifelong. They have kept me competitive and accountable to my pursuits in becoming a physician. I take great pride in being a premedical student. I understand the lofty faith, determination, suffering and lack of recognition that fit the identity of a premed student; yet in the midst of the struggle, I have experienced firsthand how an incredible organization like AMSA can make this journey much more enjoyable and achievable.

Why did you become an AMSA leader?

I became an AMSA leader because I really care about what AMSA stands for. I want to enable and provide AMSA members in this region with the proper opportunities, privileges and abilities to become successful future physicians in the world. I hope to achieve this by actively interacting and working together with other AMSA chapters and national directors. I also want to encourage more chapters to get more involved with nationally with AMSA. I have attended the AMSA National Convention in Washington, D.C., twice and have absolutely loved the experience. I hope to get more chapters sending their premed students to Washington, D.C., to gain the incredible benefits from this amazing event.

What is your favorite AMSA moment?

One of my favorite AMSA moments was when our Texas A&M chapter brought over 40 students to AMSA Convention in Washington, D.C., to receive the Paul R. Wright Chapter Success award. It was definitely an honorable moment for our leaders who had worked so hard to recruit many Texas A&M students to our chapter.

What advice would you give to current & future AMSA leaders?

I would advise current and future AMSA leaders to always trust themselves and have a positive mindset. In such a competitive course to becoming a physician, it is easy to compare yourself to others’ success and feel ineligible. But it is important to remember that you are your biggest fan in all of your experiences. Remain confident, trust your abilities, prepare as best you can and then follow through toward success.


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