Leader Spotlight: Amber Navy

June 06, 2017

Read about AMSA’s Race, Ethnicity & Culture in Health Programming Coordinator Amber Navy’s enthusiasm for AMSA’s community and how she sticks through the challenges of med school.

University of Texas Health at Houston- Mcgovern Medical School
When did you join AMSA?
I joined AMSA for the first time during my freshman year at Baylor (2011). I rejoined as an MS1 at UTHouston.
AMSA Leadership Experience
I will be the VP of service for the local AMSA in the upcoming fall and the REACH Programming Coordinator for 2017-2018.

Why did you join AMSA?

When I was premed, I saw AMSA as an way to gain medical volunteer experience, learn about opportunities, and hear about medicine from physicians and health care workers. It helped me to gain insight that could not have been gained inside the classroom. As a med student, I see AMSA as a way to for me to help build my professional identity and enhance my medical education.

Why did you become an AMSA leader?
I became an AMSA leader because I strongly identify with the mission of AMSA and wish to serve this organization.

What is your Favorite AMSA Moment?
My favorite AMSA moment happened at a meeting when I was in undergrad. At the time, I was struggling with school and debating whether or not to continue to pursue medicine. There was a physician who came to speak to us about his journey to medicine. He had consistently failed courses in undergrad and spent several years out of school before going back to graduate and eventually gaining admission into medical school. His dedication and passion showed throughout his lecture and really uplifted me. In that moment was exactly what I needed.

What advice would you give to current & future AMSA leaders?
My advice would be to hold on tight to all of your dreams and passions. Don’t let difficult situations or people discourage you or make you jaded. I also would encourage all leaders and people who are dedicated to serving others, to not forget to first take care of themselves.