Weeks of Action

Medical Education Week of Action

The Medical Education Week of Action is an annual event focusing on highlighting issues that impact medical students and residents including diversity and inclusion, student loan debt reform, medical education financing, student burnout and how to promote wellness, protecting the National Health Service Corps, resident work hour restrictions, and spotlighting International Overdose Day. We recognize that one week is certainly not long enough to discuss these pertinent issues, so we invite you to follow AMSA National’s Instagram page for MedEd Monday’s and Wellness Wednesday’s for additional content that will continue to dive into these issues and much more throughout the year! Link to the AMSA 2019 MedEd Week of Action Toolkit here.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness Week of Action

Suicide Prevention and Awareness Week of Action aims to shed light and spark advocacy efforts regarding suicide, depression, mental health, and the public health crisis of premedical students, medical trainee, and physician suicide, depression, and burnout. The objective of the week is to raise awareness, educate, and advocate for positive changes. Together we can act by checking in on colleagues, friends, and family members—especially those working in the health care field—to prevent another suicide from happening. Suicide can be prevented. Let’s act together to make this a reality! Link to the AMSA 2019 SPA Week of Action Toolkit here. Learn more about past weeks.

National Primary Care Week October: 5 – 9, 2020

National Primary Care Week (NPCW) is an annual event AMSA initially founded in 1999 with the goal of promoting primary care as an important and legitimate specialty for health profession students to consider as they complete their training. AMSA continues this tradition through celebrating primary care as a speciality, debunking myths about primary care, discussing primary care residencies, the role primary care plays in addressing LGBTQ health challenges, and bringing light to how climate change and other factors impact human health. This is a very special week for AMSA as it brings future physicians, partner organizations, and health professionals together to discuss the importance of primary care in the medical field and in influencing human health. Find out more information here.

Global Health Week of Action

The mission of the Global Health Week of Action is to raise awareness about critical ongoing global health issues both in the United States and internationally. This week is a time to motivate everyone to become educated on essential issues that will impact health care globally and how to start advocating for them.

Health Care for All Week of Action

HCFA WoA focuses on advocating for a government-funded, single-payer healthcare system for all US residents – such as Medicare For All, and to protect gains made through the Affordable Care Act. The week will focus on building support for Medicare For All and expanding Medicaid in all states. Learn more.

Health Equity Week of Action: February 8—12, 2021

Health Equity Week of Action (HEWA) is an annual week-long event that focuses on raising awareness about the health disparities that exist across racial, ethnic, cultural, and social groups. HEWA utilizes a variety of interactive and innovative events to inform and inspire the actions needed to eradicate such health inequities. Learn more.

Medical Student for Gun Safety Week of Action

The Medical Students for Gun Safety Week of Action is an annual event dedicated to health issues related to the scope and consequences of firearms in America. Our goal is to raise awareness of this devastating public health epidemic while providing opportunities for medical students to advocate on behalf of patients who have been, or are at risk, of firearm injury and prepare health professionals to handle firearm injuries in a healthcare setting.

National Public Health Week

AMSA will be celebrating National Public Health Week through hosting a series of online, in-person, and social media events focused on highlighting the health inequities faced by marginalized, underserved communities in the United States. AMSA believes that public health is a core foundation of medicine as it relates to the overall well-being of a population and understands that health is influenced by social, economic, political, and environmental factors. The communities that AMSA will be highlighting during this week include homeless, migrant families, incarcerated communities, women, and the LGBTQIA+ community. This week will build the awareness of our pre-medical and medical students around unique challenges that vulnerable communities face and how those challenges manifest in the clinic and the hospital.