Leadership Program

Drive business decisions. Expand financial literacy. Develop vision and maintain strategy.

It takes more than medical school to make a physician. Your education is dedicated to teaching you the core aspects of becoming a physician – diagnosing and treating patients. But what about everything else?  Understanding finance, using facilitative communication, mastering delegation techniques?  AMSA’s Leadership Program is your ticket to addressing these topics and more.

The program is focused on key areas of professional development and training not taught in the classroom. It is designed to bridge the gap in medical training between clinician and leader. You will gain insight into essential, often unknown or overwhelming to understand, business and interpersonal skills you’ll need as you advance in your career.

Session #1: Business Essentials: Leadership, Etiquette, & Professionalism

Date: September 6, 2021  | Time  8PM EST

Session #2: Developing Vision & Maintaining Strategy

Date: September 27, 2021  | Time  8PM EST

Session #3: Project Management 

Date: October 11, 2021 | Time:  8PM EST

Session #4: Diversity and Inclusion

Date: November 15, 2021 | Time: 8PM EST

Session #5: Physician Leadership, Finding a Mentor & Coaching 

Date: December 13, 2021| Time: 8PM EST

Session #6: Vital Communication Skills 

Date:January 10, 2022 | Time: 8PM EST

Session #7: Delegation & Motivation 

Date: February 7, 2022 | Time: 8PM EST

Session #8: Contracts & Employment Models 

Date: March 7, 2022 | Time: 8PM EST 

Session #9: Self Assessment of Leadership Skills

Date: March 27, 2022 | Time: 8PM EST

Participants may take a qualifying examination for an optional $100 fee.  Upon passing this exam, participants will receive a certificate of recognition and an AMSA honor cord appropriate to wear at graduation.