Leadership Program

Drive business decisions. Expand financial literacy. Develop vision and maintain strategy.

It takes more than medical school to make a physician. Your education is dedicated to teaching you the core aspects of becoming a physician – diagnosing and treating patients. But what about everything else?  Understanding finance, using facilitative communication, mastering delegation techniques?  AMSA’s Leadership Program is your ticket to addressing these topics and more.

The program is focused on key areas of professional development and training not taught in the classroom. It is designed to bridge the gap in medical training between clinician and leader. You will gain insight into essential, often unknown or overwhelming to understand, business and interpersonal skills you’ll need as you advance in your career. Participants will also complete a self-awareness assessment, customized to medical students, to serve as a road map to objectively understand leadership strengths and challenge areas.

Registration for the AMSA Leadership Program is now closed. Medical student sessions began October 24, 2018, and premedical student sessions began November 26, 2018.

  • 2016-2017 Program Participant
    It was great to hear from so many different people from all walks come together and give such meaningful advice as we move forward in our careers in medicine. The articles and videos throughout the course are valuable resources to continually refer to and expand on as we progress.
    2016-2017 Program Participant
  • Hospitals and Health Networks, 2017
    Physician leaders are necessary for hospitals and health systems to achieve transformational change.
    Hospitals and Health Networks, 2017
  • Hospitals and Health Networks, 2017
    “Most physicians today are overburdened. (But) … There is no way a hospital or health system is going to differentiate itself … or meet the other challenges of sustainability without physician involvement in strategic leadership.”
    Hospitals and Health Networks, 2017
  • Fierce Healthcare, 2017
    “Breakdowns in physician-patient communication are cited in at least 40 percent of malpractice suits.”
    Fierce Healthcare, 2017

Why Participate?

Who Should Participate

The leadership program is geared toward helping medical and premedical students develop leadership skills as you continue on your journey to becoming a physician.

Time Commitment

The Leadership Program is an eight-month series of live and on-demand webinars that will last approximately one hour. Medical student sessions begin October 24, 2018, and premedical student sessions begin November 26, 2018. There will be some required online reading prior to some of the sessions that should take no more than 30 minutes each. A google group for discussion will be integrated into the program, as well.  

Examples of live webinars include:

  • Developing Vision and Maintaining Strategy
  • Vital Communication Skills
  • Understanding Finance
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Using Delegation and Motivation
  • Meaningful Advocacy
  • Self-Awareness and Leadership: Capstone

Gain respect from colleagues and patients

Mastering self-awareness and constructive communication is an art – and one not often mastered by most. From a medical perspective, your degree and white coat will garner immediate respect among patients, families and peers. But what you say, how you act and how you react are critical to earning a different level of respect needed to be successful in the clinical setting and beyond.

Squeeze every ounce of time out of your day

You spend upwards of eight years having no time, busy with classwork, lab work, clinicals, studying and trying to stay afloat on your road to residency. Yes, that will go away. Then you’ll have a whole new type of busy in your life! But it IS possible to work more efficiently and squeeze every ounce of time out of your day with the right tips and tricks.

Get what you need from others – when you need it

“Ask and you shall receive” – while we’d like to think this is always going to happen, it simply won’t. Overcoming “no” from patients, families and colleagues takes some give and take using carefully honed negotiation skills. Learn powerful techniques to get what you want from others when you want it.

Understand how the business and financial sides of health care affect you in practice and personal life

Mapping out a thorough plan to pay back student loans, a strategy to handle unexpected expenses and a budget for everyday expenses will help you avoid financial pitfalls. Why add stress to this already stressful  time in your new career? Get essential, and often not discussed, business and financial skills to help you meet your goals.

Certificate Qualifying Examination Option

Participants may take a qualifying examination for $100.  Upon passing this exam, participants will receive a certificate of recognition and an AMSA honor cord appropriate to wear at graduation.