AMSAxBSOM: Making the Most of Fundraising

April 05, 2023

The first article in our series about the AMSA chapter at Wright State University’s Boonshoft School of Medicine (BSOM) explored how student leaders developed an optimal leadership structure to become AMSA’s most active chapter. Now, we take a look at how they’ve harnessed creative fundraising strategies that enable their chapter to host more events, sponsor research projects and help local charities.


We sat down recently to talk with David Weimar, [MD Candidate, Class of 2025], who serves as the director of finance for BSOM’s AMSA chapter, to learn more about how they power their efforts and events through fundraising. His role deals with purchases, fundraising and accounting with the university and AMSA.

“The cool thing about my position is that I get to be involved with all the different facets of our AMSA chapter,” he said.

Teaming up for Fundraising

One of the chapter’s most profitable fundraisers is a longstanding relationship with a medical equipment company. The AMSA chapter gets a percentage of the proceeds when students purchase their essential supplies through the company. In turn, AMSA advertises the partnership and encourages incoming students to purchase their equipment. Here, David explains this a little further (and thanks for tolerating this video-sneak-attack when you weren’t expecting it, David!)


This particular fundraiser is effective for them because it includes high-cost items that students are required to have. David speculated that other categories, like school apparel, could also make for a successful fundraiser. It all comes down to building a relationship with a company that offers something students are willing to buy, he said.

David also coordinates fundraisers about every two months with local restaurants and franchises like Chipotle, which donate a portion of their sales to AMSA. The chapter has also combined restaurant fundraisers with events like trivia, which has the added benefit of bringing students together for an activity.

“It does present a challenge sometimes because you are pulling from the same group of people over and over again, so we try to avoid selling things all the time because we all recognize we’re all medical students and that’s not always plausible,” he said.


With that in mind, the AMSA chapter took advantage of Wright State University’s opportunity to staff the concession stand at basketball games. AMSA took home a portion of the proceeds from the concession stand – and everything in the tip jar.

Investing in Involvement

So where does all the hard-earned money go? David said their biggest expense is hosting events that are appealing — that work hard to bring students together on campus.

We try to have events monthly, and those all have a cost, generally, whether it’s trying to purchase food for people who are involved, or if you’re bringing in a speaker or buying a gift for someone who was talking,” he said.

The money also goes toward the Boonshoft AMSA chapter’s new research collaborative (for expenses like printing posters) and the chapter’s community service initiatives (like hosting events with a local women’s and children’s shelter).

Up Next

We’ll explore how Boonshoft’s AMSA chapter partners with other student groups and community organizations, as well as the chapter’s research collaborative.

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