CV-Boosters You Won’t Want to Miss

April 22, 2021

Hey, look at this, fAMSA — it’s the April Dispatch! In case you missed the first one last month, here’s the scoop: it’s a hot-news round-up of timely AMSA opportunities. What’s new this month?

CV-boosters of many varieties! Tap into these potent opportunities to lead some cool programs — and network with some AMSA-influencers in a big way.

→ Be a course director. AMSA Academy needs you (members!) to help direct Scholars Programs. Here, you can organize a curriculum around important health topics, bring in experts, and provide mentorship and feedback to participants. This is a fantastic way to beef up your CV and network like a boss. Apply here → https://bit.ly/3erV1oe
→ Nab a grant. Plan an awesome event at your campus — and we’ll help you do it. Think: expert speakers, intimate Q&As, perks to bring fellow students together on your campus in the name of change. Awesome, right? We can help fund it, too. Learn more → https://bit.ly/3nay1xD
Meet your mentor. Or, hey, be a mentor! Check out AMSA Connect — an awesome way to be paired up with an AMSA influencer with similar interests who can help you along on your med-ed journey. Medical, Physician, Premed — all kinds of networking inside → https://www.amsa.org/connect/ 
Want to learn more about AMSA programs and opportunities? Contact us here at the Membership HQ at members@amsa.org — we’ll hook you up.