School Fairs: What Works?

September 10, 2021

We just hung up with Swati Gupta

..the Chapter President at NYITCOM, who loaned us her secrets — how she and her executive chapter board just ran a successful table at her school’s student organization fair. So successful, in fact, that it engaged 85 students in the NYITCOM AMSA chapter — in roughly 2 hours of time.

In short — Swati and her e-board led with an advocacy-oriented approach that they aligned with national observances: monthly awareness campaigns and weeks of action that zero in on key issues that matter to the students on her campus. In other words, they worked to surface their AMSA chapter advocacy events — giving passers-by an at-a-glance view of all the issues they’re taking action on in a monthly format. Take September, for example, they plan to collaborate with a newly-formed NYITCOM chapter of Be the Match organization — to offer an event with experts, speakers and pathways to get involved for Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

“At the fair, amongst the several student organizations focused on specific issues or fields, AMSA was able to communicate and connect with every medical student that stopped by due to our broad range of involvement, event themes, and discussion topics.”, explains Swati, “We wanted to celebrate how AMSA trains leaders and advocates on a wide breadth of issues — and students were drawn in by that. We picked issues that we believe strongly in, and it worked to draw students in. The advocacy and leadership events serve as a kind of ‘hook’”.

And once students learn about AMSA, we all know they’re “in”. At NYITCOM, Swati says that many students are most interested in getting involved with AMSA’s leadership opportunities.

We’ll share some pictures from NYITCOM’s Be the Match event later this month!

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