Chapter Spotlight: Tulane University School of Medicine

August 01, 2017

Learn more about how the AMSA chapter at Tulane University School of Medicine makes advocacy and social activism a top priority.

 Chapter Objective:

“At Tulane, AMSA is committed to pursuing a member-determined agenda of political and social activism in both the local New Orleans community and on a broader national level.”

How did your chapter support this objective?

“Community Advocacy: Our AMSA chapter strives to make campus-wide advocacy as accessible and simple as possible. We draft Fact Sheets with information on relevant legislation and we host phone banks with provided scripts and phone numbers and design mail-in postcards that students can pick up and send to their representatives. Our goal is to help even the busiest medical student find time to make their voice heard on important health policy issues. We also promote and attend local advocacy events like Town Halls, rallies, and sit-ins. We also schedule meetings with district offices so that students can learn how to effectively lobby for their patients and our community.

Education: AMSA has developed an eight week Health Policy Elective Course for first and second years students. Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to start building a strong foundation in health care policy from which they can critically evaluate relevant issues and—as future physicians—help shape reform as much as they are affected by it. Additionally, AMSA sponsors activities each semester focusing on current issues that are important to how students will learn and practice medicine. Guest lecturers, panel discussions and community service activities center on topics like Gun Violence Prevention, Community Health, HIV/AIDS awareness, and Activism in Medicine.

Primary Care Week: AMSA organizes a week of learning sessions and activities in order to bring focus to these important issues.

Community Service: Based on student’s interest, AMSA organizes community service projects to get Tulane medical students involved in the larger New Orleans community.

Used Book Sale: Our kick off fundraiser at the beginning of every school year allows students to buy textbooks at the lowest possible price.”

What does the leadership team to contribute to the success of the chapter as a whole?

“Our leadership team is FANTASTIC! Everyone on our board is constantly coming up with a new idea for an event or project. Each person takes the initiative to research, plan, and implement their ideas into action, always finding unique ways to get the rest of our campus involved — we really have a passionate, committed group of advocates here at Tulane!”

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Christine Petrin
M2, Tulane University School of Medicine
Focus: Advocacy