Chapter Spotlight: Poznan University of Medical Sciences

April 04, 2017

Learn more about how the Poznan University of Medical Sciences AMSA Chapter brings a sense of community on their campus while providing resources to students.

 Chapter Objective:

“As a brand new chapter, we aim to bring a sense of community among the different medical programs and years on campus. At the same time, we strive to spread AMSA’s mission throughout the student body and contribute to the welfare of all AMSA members. Overtime, the PUMS chapter plans to leave a positive impact beyond the university’s borders and extend its influence into the city of Poznan.”

How did your chapter support this objective?

“At Poznan University of Medical Sciences, we aim to provide the resources and guidance for our fellow medical students who strive to make a positive impact in not only current medicine but also future medicine. We initiated multiple collaborations with fellow student organizations to bring forth all available opportunities to our students. Such collaborations included those with the PUMS Journal Club so students can actively become involved in research on campus to not only become intricately involved in the evolving field of medical science, but also enhance clinical skills outside the classroom and strengthen professional relationships. Other collaborations include the Student Pediatric Society with the Teddy Bear Drive. We helped collect teddy bears and money donations for the pediatric wing of a local hospital. Due to the successes of our events and presence on campus, there will be future collaborations with the North American Student Government on campus in regards to our Residency events in which we will both join forces to bring helpful information for students planning on pursuing residency in the US.

We have also launched an incredibly successful graduate mentor program in which we pair current members with recent graduates who have landed a residency in either the US/ Canada. With this program, members can gain valuable insight and information in regards to the resident’s time at PUMS, electives, and residency. As future physicians, we need to know all the news, but not all of us have time to read everything. Thus, our Public Health Committee posts the most popular Health and Science news on our Facebook Page every week for our members to read and stay updated!

For the next semester, we plan to start a volunteering project for our members as well as therapeutic events held at the library. These therapeutic “food and chill” events are meant to not only provide stress relief but also bring the student body together through food and other means.”

What does the leadership team to contribute to the success of the chapter as a whole?

“Since we are a new chapter, we plan on having AMSA become a way for all the members to get to know each other. Our meetings initially started as simple business meetings to set the groundwork for the semesters to come. Now, that the fundamentals have been set, we aim to have AMSA events viewed as events that not only everyone wants to attend but also as events that everyone wants to help build and become a crucial part of. We are a growing chapter that has started from only 6 members to now more than 30+ members in less than one year. Its not only our chapter leaders that come up with the great ideas for events or better ways to improve, its our members. This is why the AMSA presence at PUMS is strong and successful.”

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