Chapter Spotlight: Medical University of Lublin

July 06, 2017

Learn more about how the AMSA chapter at Medical University of Lublin drew students in to share in building leadership experience with AMSA.

 Chapter Objective:

“Promoting leadership, and friendship in order to share knowledge, ideas and principles that will motivate future generations to become leaders”

How did your chapter support this objective?

“A few months ago only a few students in our University knew about our local AMSA chapter. So, we decided to inform our student body that there were opportunities for everyone to become a member and a leader within our local chapter. We started a campaign promoting our AMSA-Lublin chapter and membership, but with the focus of promoting student leadership. The turnout was tremendous since we were able to greatly increase our membership numbers. Our new members were very enthusiastic about the different committees that they created: tutoring, charity, clinical research, and clinical education.

All of a sudden, many students submitted ideas and expressed their willingness to become leaders in the projects they presented. We had no funding, no support and no sponsors at that time for the projects. Despite of this fact, determination and willingness to help our local and international communities kept on motivating our ideals. When we presented the projects to our Medical University of Lublin and Hope Medical Institute, the support was basically immediately, funding, educational support, and more was made available to us.

Our charity committee was the highlight of our chapter this year, as they were able to create events that raised funds for local and international causes such as: our local Children Hospital in the city of Lublin, Poland, The Malala fund, and for relief efforts in Nepal. It was really amazing to see students work together as leaders, sharing ideas, and knowledge while encouraging younger students to engage in future activities.”

What does the leadership team to contribute to the success of the chapter as a whole?

“The ability to act and contribute actively, and enjoyment while working as a team is what has helped us the most. Everyone is just so motivated to promote change, leadership, and friendship. We all had the same idea of making of this chapter “an active chapter” and we all want to see our friends and members acting as “leaders,” since all contributions and ideas can really make a difference.”

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