Chapter Spotlight: East Tennessee State University Pre-Medical AMSA Chapter

June 01, 2017

Learn more about how the premedical AMSA chapter at East Tennessee State University provides a wide variety of activities to prepare their members to be physicians-in-training.
ETSU Premed Chapter

 Chapter Objective:

“The objective of the charter at ETSU is to provide the most outstanding preparation for medical school to our members. This includes shadowing opportunities, networking opportunities, as well as hands-on skills practice and workshops focused on interviews and professional skills.”

How did your chapter support this objective?

“In February 2017, our AMSA chapter held the Medical School Process Made Easy event for students from 7 universities from the surrounding area. This free event hosted three different medical schools: Quillen College of Medicine, Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine at Blacksburg, and Lincoln Memorial De-Busk College of Osteopathic Medicine. Not only did participants have the ability to speak to a panel of medical students from these medical schools, they also had the opportunity to participate in a suture workshop, intubation workshop, gross anatomy lab presentation, as well as professional workshops designed to help students learn about being a well-rounded student and about the process of receiving a Committee Evaluation Letter. Participants also participated in mock interviews with the Admissions Committee members from Quillen College of Medicine. This event was funded through the ETSU Student Government Association and the US Army. Not only did this all-day event greatly benefit ETSU AMSA members, but it also greatly benefited students from across the area and helped students realize the importance of our local AMSA Chapter. We were able to network with other medical schools to help educate upcoming Pre-Medical students about how to prepare for medical school in a fun, interactive environment.”

What does the leadership team to contribute to the success of the chapter as a whole?

“Our team of officers works very closely together and did an amazing job for this particular event. Not only are we very dedicated to our positions, but we communicate effectively and have a true passion for AMSA and for helping our fellow students. This event would not have been possible without the help of our officers and of our chapter members.”

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