Arizona needs bold action, not just promises to make medicines affordable

December 06, 2019

Op-ed by Jon D. Sussman is a Scottsdale resident, a second year medical student, and a chapter president of the American Medical Student Association, published in the Scottsdale Independent (12/5/2019)

Prescription drug costs are unbelievably unaffordable for millions of Americans, including me, a medical student with a long term history of asthma and food allergies living off loans.

Increasing my debt simply to afford another refill of Epi-Pens makes the prescription drug price crisis personal to me. Drug corporations’ price-gouging puts health at risk and forces financial hardship for me, for the patients I see as part of my clinical training, and potentially, for future patients.

Lawmakers have a moral obligation to take action now to rein in Big Pharma’s power to set and keep prices high. Patients can’t wait for life-saving medicines — they need affordable medicines now.   READ MORE…