AMSA Statement: Guilty Verdicts Bend Arc Toward Justice

April 21, 2021

The officer who murdered George Floyd was held accountable yesterday. We know that this tragedy has been traumatic and incredibly difficult for many. If you need a break, please feel free to stop reading the rest of this statement. AMSA stands with you and all those who face injustice at the hands of law enforcement, and we always will.



In the lead up to April 20, 2021, much like the rest of the world, we waited at the edge of our seats to see if the Chauvin trial would finally deliver accountability that has been so absent over the course of decades of racial injustice. A different outcome for the trial was not just possible, but probable given our historical record. But pivoting away from precedent, the former police officer was found guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd.

It is a moment of accountability that is too few and far in between in an unjust criminal justice system – this a moment when the arc of the moral universe is bending in real time, a moment to realize that we do not have to accept an inhumane status quo, a moment to grow and support action for real change.

We hope that Mr. Floyd’s family receives a measure of justice and peace from this verdict.

We know this verdict does not bring back Mr. Floyd to his loved ones. We know that this verdict alone does not remedy the systemic racism endemic to our criminal justice system. Too often, officers are acquitted and far too many never see charges or any consequences beyond minimal reprimands or leaves with pay. This is only the beginning to bring accountability to the police officers who abuse and kill in communities they should be protecting.

And yet, from Chicago to Minneapolis and across the country, police violence remains ubiquitous and people of color – including children – continue to die at the hands of police. This is a failure of law enforcement. This is a failure of the criminal justice system. This is a failure of society.

These injustices must stop for our communities to heal and move forward. AMSA members dedicate their lives to becoming healers, to care for our communities and support our future patients. As physicians-in-training we see how systemic racism impacts the communities we are called to care for – we also see many paths towards change. We call on all of us to renew our commitment to dismantling the system of white supremacy that has targeted and violated people and communities of color throughout our nation’s history and today.

Urge Congress to pass H.R.1280 – The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021
Call your US House Representative with a Thanks or to Urge Support:

  1. Find Your U.S. House Representative
  2. See if your Representative is a Co-sponsor: 199 co-sponsors (as of 4/21/2021)
  3. Call the Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121
  • If your Representative is already on the co-sponsor list above call/email/tweet your thanks and support
  • If your Representative is not listed as a co-sponsor call and tell them you support this bill and urge them to also support it and become a co-sponsor