AMSA Marks 51st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade with Launch of New Reproductive Health Leadership Program

January 22, 2024

AMSA Marks 51st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade with
Launch of New Reproductive Health Leadership Program

Today, January 22, 2024 we mark the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  As we stated in a previous On Call post, “while we grieve the loss of the constitutional protections granted in Roe, and acknowledge the fragility of the system that allowed this to happen, we refuse defeat and defiantly celebrate and honor the labor and the struggle of so many who fought and continue to fight so hard to ensure that everyone is able to access abortion care whenever and wherever they need it.”

To carry-on and build-upon that work, on this 51st anniversary the AMSA  Reproductive Health Project is proud to launch our new reproductive health leadership program: 

Teach-Ins for Reproductive Justice – 2024
A Leadership Program of the AMSA Reproductive Health Project

Claiming a deep connection to the tactic of teach-ins for racial and gender justice during the Civil Rights era and to end the Vietnam War, we are intentionally embracing education as the practice of freedom (bell hooks), and using these teach-ins as an opportunity to advance liberatory learning for future physicians. 

Starting in mid-March and running through the end of May, this new online program will provide a series of topic-based teach-ins addressing abortion care and related issues within the realm of reproductive health, rights, and justice. Series topics will be focused around 3 different themes:

  • Medical Ethics in Reproductive Health
  • Career Pathways in Reproductive Health
  • Reproductive Justice Advocacy Throughlines

Each teach-in series will offer small groups of students an opportunity to engage with movement advocates, thought-leaders, and subject matter experts in dialogue that bridges knowledge and reflection with organizing and taking action for change. Students will engage in a mix of on-your-own and virtual live-group learning experiences. Group sessions will be held on Monday – Thursday evenings Eastern Time.

Only 15 seats in the cohort for each teach-in series! 

Click here to learn more and submit your application
to join one of these learning communities today!


For more information email Dr. Jeff Koetje (jkoetje@amsa.org) and Becky Martin (bmartin@amsa.org).

Find more resources and action opportunities, visit the AMSA Reproductive Health Project