AMSA Launches New Reproductive Health Project

November 18, 2019

AMSA enters the reproductive health justice space with a year-long project aimed towards cultivating a diverse physician workforce that is highly skilled and culturally competent, prepared to provide abortion services to all who need them. Members can anticipate a number of clinical skills, advocacy training, issue education, and local action opportunities as the year unfolds. Scholarships for research-based posters will be available as well as chapter grants for local activities and education. There’s no shortage of opportunities to get involved in what AMSA believes to be an essential component of comprehensive health care. Join the reproductive team this year as they fight for everyone to have the right to legal, safe, and voluntary abortions.

The AMSA Reproductive Health Project staff includes Becky Martin, AMSA Senior Manager of Education & Advocacy, as well as AMSA’s new Reproductive Health Fellow, Sara Maria Jensen, and new AMSA Reproductive Health Strategist Aliye Runyan, MD.

  • Aliye Runyan, MD, AMSA’s new Reproductive Health Strategist, is a former AMSA Education & Research Fellow and is so excited to rejoin the organization which provided her inspiration throughout medical training. She attended the University of Miami SOM, and spent a year as a research fellow at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. After graduating medical school, she worked full time for AMSA as their Education and Research Fellow, and then went on to residency in ob-gyn at Wayne State University/ Detroit Medical Center. She now works clinically in family planning/ gynecology in Westchester County and Queens, NY. The intersections of reproductive health, rights, and education are what she is most passionate about!
  • Sara Maria Jensen is the new Reproductive Health Fellow for AMSA and is enthusiastic to be part of AMSA’s national advocacy efforts in this new health justice space. She attends Trinity School of Medicine as a 2021 MD candidate. It was through her international and domestic clinical experiences that brought her to reproductive health quickly learning that a deficit in the support provided to women is universal. She felt a call to improve both patient and medical student education and turned to AMSA for the foundational resources to become not only a medical scientist but a medical activist.

Learn more about this new project at AMSA Reproductive Health Project

For more information please email rhf@amsa.org