AMSA Joins TPP Protest in New York

November 18, 2015

AMSA joins Flush the TPP and other partners this week to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Washington DC and New York.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a gigantic trade agreement involving 12 countries and 40% of the world’s GDP.  The agreement was recently finalized and the text has finally been made public after years of secrecy and denying civil society viewing rights.  The agreement contains harmful provisions that will extend patents and decrease access to medicine in the US and around the world.  It also contains provisions that make it possible for corporations to challenge public health laws if they believe these laws hurt their bottom line.  The agreement is dangerous for health and AMSA joined Flush the TPP to raise awareness and make sure that the agreement is not passed by congress in the coming months!

Last Friday, November 13, AMSA joined with Trade Justice and HealthGAP to hold a press conference and demonstration in front of Pfizer in New York City to bring awareness to the heavy hand that big Pharma had in negotiating the dangerous trade agreement.  Check out press coverage and some photos below!


(our story starts at 11.30)



Resident and AMSA alum Jake Newcomb practices street theatre with Adam Weissman of Trade Justice and activist from Grannies for Peace on Friday outside Pfizer.  AMSA and Health GAP Activists in white coats had their hands tied by Pfizer and Obama using a rope labelled TPP.

Resident and AMSA Alum, Jake Newcomb, MS4 and AMSA Vice President of Leadership Develoment, Rita Kuwahara, AMSA Education and Advocacy Fellow, Alison Case, New York Psychiatrist, Dr. Liz Winship, and Adam Weissman, organizer with Trade Justice outside of Senators Schumer and Gillibrand’s office where we stopped to deliver information about the dangerous access to meds and health provisions within the TPP after the demo.


This past Monday, Deb Hall, AMSA’s President, and Alison Case, AMSA’s Education and Advocacy fellow, joined Flush the TPP’s mass mobilization in DC to oppose the TPP!  There was a great turnout–lots of people whose concerns represent all of the different sectors of civil society that will be impacted by the TPP.  Check out pictures from the rally below (see if you can spy the Alpaca! He was present to bring awareness to the impact of the TPP on small farms).

Monday Morning outside of the United States Trade Representative Office


Monday night at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center


Alison Case, AMSA Education and Advocacy Fellow and Deb Hall, AMSA President with Zahara Heckscher, cancer survivor and activist speaking out against the TPP’s provisions that will make it more difficult for patients to access new life-saving cancer therapies.


The agreement will reach congress sometime in the coming year.  Tell your member of congress to vote NO on the TPP!

Sign the petition to Congress asking them to oppose the TPP and reach out to your member using this form!