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The New Physician is a bi-monthly magazine committed to exploring the social, political and ethical issues of health care and medical education. It is a journalistic publication that covers aspects of the personal, clinical and career development of physicians in an engaging but concise way. Check out the latest digital edition of the magazine.

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AMSA ad lib is AMSA’s weekly podcast, bringing together the intimate perspectives of medical students and experts on topics ranging from specialty selection and personal finance to technological developments in medicine’s near future. Listen to current and past episodes here.

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You were in their shoes once–now you have years of medical practice and experience behind you too. Share your knowledge, tips and lessons learned with current medical students through AMSA’s Mentorship Program powered by for[MD]. Register here to participate as a mentor.

The mentorship community will be centered around five key topics:

  1. Preparing for the Match
  2. Succeeding in residency
  3. Wellness strategies
  4. Tests and rotation
  5. Career planning

You will be expected to participate as a mentor on a monthly basis by logging into the private online community and participating in group discussions around these topics as well as one-to-one connections with students.

AMSA’s blog is a place to reflect on your passions and interests as a practicing physician, comment on medical education or health care policy, share tips about med school and clinical rotations, provide insight on the residency application and interviewing process, and more.

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