Education Equity Initiative

Upon graduating high school, many immigrant youth in the United States are faced with significant barriers to attending college. Cost is a major factor, especially for undocumented immigrant students who are not able to access financial aid, loans or in-state tuition.

Lack of access to higher education is associated with severe health inequity. Youth who don’t attend college die 7 years sooner than their college-educated peers. In addition, workforce diversity is diminished as aspiring doctors and nurses are unable to pursue their studies.

The Education Equity Initiative of the AMSA REACH Committee seeks to:

  1. Educate medical students about immigrants’ differential access to higher education.
  2. Mobilize AMSA members to take action to support Education Equity efforts in their states and regions.
  3. Support undocumented medical and pre-medical students to achieve their dreams of becoming physicians.

Educate Yourself and Others

Resources for Undocumented Students Pursuing Health Careers

  • Pre-Health Dreamers – Join the network! Website includes guide to medical school admissions and other useful resources
  • Harvard Act on a Dream guide for undocumented pre-medical students, including list of medical schools that accept international students

Get Involved

National Resources

State-Based Resources

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