Community & Public Health Action Committee

Collaborative Activism Towards the Promotion of

Education, Policy, Action

Join us in improving public health education at your school and advancing the health of your community through policy action. The Community and Public Health Action Committee is dedicated to:

  • Engaging future physicians to educate their schools and communities about important public health issues;
  • Empowering future physicians with knowledge about social determinants of health and environmental factors;
  • Encouraging chapters to develop and execute local programming to promote primary care.

Get Involved

National Primary Care Week: October 1-7, 2017
National Primary Care Week (NPCW) is an annual event highlighting the importance of primary care. It unites health care professionals allowing for education and open discussion regarding generalist and interdisciplinary health care, particularly its impact on providing access to underserved populations.

Food Day: October 16, 2017
Food Day focuses on the overarching concerns within the current food system and provides a foundation for building the food movement to reduce diet-based chronic diseases.  Inspire each other by promoting healthier diets, supporting more sustainable food systems and cutting subsidies to big agribusiness, expanding food access and reducing hunger, curbing junk-food marketing to children, protecting the environment and animals by supporting reform of factory farms, and supporting fair working conditions for workers. AMSA’s goals are to educate and empower students to address these issues within their local communities. Find out how you can take action and engage your community in a sustainable and meaningful way.

Public Health Scholars Program
The Public Health Scholars Program teaches AMSA members the skills required to effectively work within their local communities, as well as develop, implement, and evaluate their own local project. Following an in-person training session featuring community engagement for social justice, students will start planning and developing their own year-long project focusing on community engagement and emphasizes collaboration amongst their medical school student body, academic institution, or other local community organizations.

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