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Medical students often feel pressure to walk carefully within the lines set forth by the institutions that they live, learn, and work in. Students who face obstacles and issues along the way which they’d like to speak up about may feel they have nowhere to turn without facing professional repercussions. We believe that Advocacy Coaching sessions with experienced, knowledgeable physician advocates can help fill a gap in medical student’s systems of support.

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Are you a physician or healthcare activist looking for ways to support medical students and residents? Volunteer to be an Advo Coach—commit as much or as little time as you are able and receive alerts when a student reaches out for a coaching session. You’ll receive guidance on how to hold coaching sessions and we’ll be here for support at every step. Apply below or reach out to with any questions.

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Meet the Advocacy Coaching Founders

I am excited to advise on advocacy projects that involve addressing injustices in our healthcare system or society. I have been involved in many advocacy actions, including press conferences, lectures, rallies, op-Eds, and civil disobedience. Though we may not get formal training in advocacy, being an ally for our patients is part of the charge of physicians. As Rudolph Virchow once said, “Physicians are the natural attorneys of the poor, and social problems should largely be solved by them.”


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My hope is this program provides medical students with a safe space to share their passion and receive advice on how to put that passion into action. I hope this will lead to more students advocating at the institutional, regional and national level. The world needs more physician advocates!

—Ryan Palmer, EdD, MFA

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