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AMSA’s award-winning 4-color print and digital magazine reaches more than 40,000 readers with in-depth features and practical advice on career choice and lifestyle issues.
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AMSA’s weekly member e-newsletter sent to future physicians every Wednesday. Two separate editions are sent to medical and premedical student audiences to more than 40,000 emails and multiple digital ad options are available.
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AMSA’s sleek new Website has targeted digital ad space prominently available for immediate and constant exposure.
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Feature your global health program in the AMSA International Health Opportunities Directory and be included in one of AMSA’s most popular member resources offering a searchable format and digital ad options for valuable exposure.
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Let potential applicants know about your career opportunity 24/7!
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69th Annual AMSA Convention & Exposition
March 7-10, 2019 – Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, VA
AMSA Residency Fair & Specialty Showcase
March 9, 2019 – Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, VA
AMSA Pre-Health Fair
March 9, 2019 – Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, VA
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AMSA PremedFest
November 3-4, 2018 – University of South Florida, Tampa
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AMSA is known for its grassroots initiatives at national and local levels. We encourage joint efforts with outside groups and organizations with similar missions to offer AMSA members valuable benefits.

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Schools are also encouraged to explore the benefits of AMSA’s Institutional Partnership Program for students to receive free AMSA membership.

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AMSA’s mailing list is an excellent marketing tool for goods and services that help aspiring doctors and young practitioners achieve their professional career goals. Target by specific interests or graduation date.

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AMSA needs your support in our on-going quest to inspire a community of future physicians through education and advocacy.

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