AMSA Academy Chairs

The AMSA Academy is a training ground for physician leaders established by students, for students. The Academy Chairs strive to empower physicians-in-training to effect change in medicine, didactic, and experiential learning. Each program focuses on the value that health care must be patient-centered and enforces AMSA’s mission of fostering a community of future physicians through education and advocacy.

The Academy Chair is a national Chair position that is responsible for managing all online educational programs offered through AMSA national. The Academy Chair is responsible for overseeing the Scholars Program Chair and working with AMSA staff on developing programming, securing speakers, and managing student volunteers. 

The Scholars Program Chair is a national Chair position that is responsible for managing  the Scholars Programs as part of the AMSA Academy. The Scholars Program Chair is responsible for finding and preparing course directors, and working with the Academy Chair and AMSA staff on developing a marketing campaign. 

2021-2022 Academy Chair Positions:

Chair, AMSA Academy – Position Description

Chair, Scholars Programs- Position Description