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Explanation & Guidelines

In celebration of its 60th Anniversary in 2010, AMSA introduced a new look which reflects the evolution of the organization as well as its commitment to its rich history.


Staff of Asclepius

AMSA has chosen to use the Staff of Asclepius within its logo. The image is a single serpent encircling a staff and is considered the traditional symbol of medicine. Asclepius was an ancient Greek physician, and described in Homer’s Illiad. Eventually through myth and legend, he became worshiped as the god of Healing. The Staff of Asclepius is considered the “correct” and traditional symbol of medicine. Many medical organizations choose to use the Caduceus, a symbol of a short rod entwined by two snakes and topped by a pair of wings. This symbol is actually the caduceus or magic wand of the Greek god Hermes (Roman Mercury), messenger of the gods, inventor of (magical) incantations, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves.


The main color in the AMSA logo is blue, which celebrates the history of the organization. Since its inception, AMSA’s logo has been blue.

  • Red was incorporated into the new logo to reflect the organization’s dedication to fighting the global AIDS pandemic.
  • Green exemplifies AMSA’s commitment to a better environment and environmental health and the organization’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. AMSA supports recycling, paper light events and ensuring a stronger planet for physicians and patients.
  • Purple illustrates the advocacy efforts on behalf of LGBT medical students and those discriminated against based on gender and sexuality. AMSA has always been dedicated to assuring equal access to medical care and equality within medical education.

Use of the AMSA Logo – Logo Guidelines


All local chapters, groups and individuals must follow these logo guidelines to the proper usage of the AMSA brand and logo. The logo guidelines address the use of the trademarked AMSA logo, word mark and color palette.

Using the AMSA Logo

The AMSA logo is owned by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). We encourage the use of the logo on banners, posters, promotional materials, giveaways, flyers, chapter Websites and emails that promote AMSA programming in your communities. To maintain the integrity of the AMSA brand, the logo can only be used with programs, events and information whose goals are consistent with the objectives of AMSA’s strategic priorities. The proper implementation of our visual identity is essential for promoting, maintaining, and protecting the equity and value of our brand.

The AMSA symbol is the Staff of Asclepius in combination with a shield and the AMSA logotype. As the primary visual mark of the organization, it should stand out from other graphical elements.

The AMSA logo should always be surrounded with a minimum of whitespace to provide sufficient breathing room. The recommended distance should be no less than 1/2 the height of the building stack mark.

You must use the logo as shown. Do not use other typefaces to recreate the logo, no matter how similar. Always use one of the logo options in its entirety and do not integrate the AMSA logo into a composite logo of any type. AMSA chapters may add the name of their school but may not tamper with the elements of the logo, alter its shape or proportions.

Colors in the new logo

Ideally, the AMSA logo should be used in a four-color format. The logo should not be used with other color combinations. The AMSA logo was originally designed in RGB values which can easily be converted to 4-color CYMK used for print in Adobe Illustrator.

AMSA logo l PMS colors:

It is preferable to use either the rgb or 4-color versions over the PMS version.

PMS 3005C
PMS 3268C
PMS 2995C
PMS Wm Red C
PMS 271C

The logo may also appear in black and white or one-color.

Inverse logo type color only to color white when sitting on dark background. Please note the addition of an exterior rule to help separate the mark from the back ground.

Alternative logos include:

Black & White: this logo is best for one-color print jobs, when printing on a black-and-white laser printer, or with a lighter solid color background.

White/Inverse: this logo looks good on a solid background like black or other dark colors. These colors may not be screened (shaded), shadowed or altered in any other way.

The AMSA wordmark is a custom type treatment, but the lockup with the organizations name utilizes the typeface “Today.”

Displayed here is Today Medium and Today Regular.


Improper Uses of the AMSA Logo


  • Never alter/distort proportions of the mark or typeface.
  • Never reproduce logo in any other color other then specified colors mentioned in prior section.
  • Never reposition placement of shield.
  • Never superimpose on or place anything on the mark/logo that will alter original view.
  • Never reposition the lockup with the organization’s full name.

Using the AMSA Logo on Websites and PowerPoint Presentations

The AMSA logo must include the text (“American Medical Student Association”) and the four-color version on all Websites.

In an AMSA PowerPoint presentation, the logo with the trademark symbol must appear on the first slide, at a minimum.

Logo Approvals & Questions

Given the importance and value of its brand, the American Medical Student Association requests that all chapters, groups and individuals contact the AMSA National Office before using the logo. Allow two weeks prior to production time to receive approval from AMSA. For questions regarding the AMSA logo or guidelines, email