3 Tips for Managing Stress- by BetterHelp

September 26, 2022

Many of us hear the word ‘stress’ every day, often multiple times per day. Did you know Americans are one of the most stressed out in the world? American stress levels are 20 percentage points higher than the global average (source: stress.org). Stress means different things for different people, but we can all agree that stress impacts who we are and what we do. Our partners at BetterHelp, including licensed mental health professionals, have outlined three ways to better manage stress below.

  1. Set Boundaries: Boundaries are limits that define what you are and are not willing to do. To identify and set boundaries, first ask yourself what those wants and interests are, and then learn how to communicate them. In a culture that celebrates overwork, perhaps the hardest part is learning how to say ‘no’.
  2. Use a planner: Using a planner is a great way to manage your academic, professional, and personal life. Writing things down in a planner or using the Calendar and Reminders apps on your phone can help you stay organized and prevent or alleviate feelings of stress. If you’re trying to achieve a better work-life balance, leverage a planner to make time for people and activities that make you happy. You can also use these tools to hold yourself accountable to taking lunch breaks, study breaks, and more!
  3. Get Therapy: Did you know a licensed therapist can help you developing coping skills to manage and balance your work and personal life, improving stress levels. Managing different relationships across your professional and personal life can be difficult- talking about it in therapy helps. Online therapy might even be a better option for the AMSA community. No more driving to and from appointments and squeezing something else into your calendar. You can get professional therapy on your terms: schedule a phone, video, or live chat session on days and times that work for you. Plus, leverage unlimited messaging to get support on the go, when you need it. Visit betterhelp.com/amsa and get 1 month of free therapy ($300 value).