3 Steps to Successful Pre-Med Planning

June 23, 2017

Is your pre-med career a top priority? Are you wondering how to ensure you’ve made the most of undergrad before the end of your senior year? Do you think you’re on the right track to putting together a stellar med school application?

Whatever stage you’re at in college, these questions may come with a pocketful of answers—and perhaps some uncertainties. With organization and strategic planning, however, you can hit all your pre-med goals before graduation. Here is a quick, three-step checklist of what you should be addressing as you continue on the pre-med track and plan for your next steps. Boys and girls—it’s crunch time!

1. Build your pre-med experience

Have you been volunteering at a hospital or research clinic? Have you shadowed a doctor yet?

One of the most important things for any pre-med to do is to experience the world of health care firsthand. Experiences come in all shapes and sizes—but doing something that familiarizes you with what it’s actually like to work as a physician or medical professional is a must.

2. Discover your passions

Have you spent a lot of time tutoring young kids or playing a sport? Are you a part of your college’s student government or drama program? Do you enjoy writing a blog or playing music around the city?

Finding something you are passionate about and demonstrating your commitment to something you love is definitely a plus for your med school application. Medical schools are always looking for the smartest and brightest, but they also have a desire to accept students who are committed and passionate. This says a lot about their drive and willingness to pursue a career as a doctor.

3. Break down your application timeline

Have you seen a pre-med advisor? If not, this is something you should do as soon as possible. Do your research and find answers to the following questions:

By finding answers to these questions, you are setting yourself up for admissions success. Don’t be afraid to contact your pre-med major department’s advising center in search of further advice and guidance. Remember, there is no one roadmap to med school. Ask for help and be bold; you will surely get there.

For more tips on preparing for the admissions process and planning your future, be sure to check out our freeCountdown to Medical School Checklist.