AMSA Scholars Programs

An Online Learning Community
October 2015 – April 2016

Open to premedical & medical students.


Scholars Program Overview and Expectations

Scholars programs will run from October 2015 – April 2016. Each scholars program will create its own schedule and timeline. Most programs will require 6 hours a month to include online bi-weekly discussions/lectures and mandatory readings. In addition, you may be required to complete a final group project, which would require approximately 3-4 hours of work.

Participant Expectations
  • In order for a participant to effectively learn and incorporate the skills presented in this program, it is crucial that each participant is present for all aspects of the program. If a scholar cannot attend one of the classes, the scholar is expected to inform the program coordinators of the expected absence.
  • Scholars are asked to remain open-minded and respectful of other views. Scholars are asked to actively participate in all discussions.
  • Scholars are expected to complete all homework assignments before class begins. Homework may include articles, media clips, short reflective pieces, etc.
  • Scholars are expected to complete a final project related to their program topic.
  • Scholars are highly encouraged to attend the AMSA National Convention in the Spring as they will be recognized for their accomplishments at the AMSA Annual Poster Session.
Who Should Register

AMSA Academy Scholars are a versatile group of passionate individuals with different interests, experiences, and levels of knowledge of their program topic.

    • Availability: We are especially interested in students who are both motivated to fully participate in this rigorous academic program and who have availability in their schedule to do so. We believe that participants will benefit most from this intensive approach, but we also recognize that students have other important and competing academic and extracurricular interests and activities.
    • Team Player: A desire to engage with and contribute to the group is essential. The program will foster an online community for students to work together and with experts in order to gain new perspectives, knowledge, and clinical skills.
    • Innovation in Education: Students who have the curiosity to ask why the status quo exists and the creativity to challenge it in productive ways. Students who want to share their new-found knowledge with their colleagues.
    • We do NOT ask for experience in the program topic. It’s great if you have it, great if you don’t. We are more interested in your enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and time commitment.
Scholars Programs
      • Year-long distance learning courses structured around readings, response papers and conference call discussions led by field experts
      • Themes for the course change annually
      • Participants are partnered with mentors to facilitate continued learning
      • Open to medical and premedical students
      • All programs run from the Fall through the Spring.
Program Registration Deadline
Cultural Sensitivity Scholars Program September 14, 2015
Global Health Scholars Program September 14, 2015
Health Equity Scholars Program September 14, 2015
Integrative Medicine Scholars Program September 14, 2015
Medical Humanities Scholars Program September 14, 2015
Patient Safety Scholars Program September 14, 2015
Public Health Scholars Program September 14, 2015
Premedical Scholars Program September 14, 2015
Health Care For All Scholars Program September 14, 2015
AIDS Advocacy Network Scholars Program September 14, 2015
Just Medicine Scholars Program September 14, 2015