Leveraging Social Media for Medical School Admissions

If you feel overwhelmed by the deluge of medical school admissions information that’s out there, you’re in good company. The internet comes in handy when applying to medical school—but it also makes it easy to lose precious hours tracking down the new MCAT scoring scale or finding out about the acceptance rate of your target […]

Make the Most of Your Summer

By Kelsey Lyon, OMS II The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and SCHOOL IS OUT FOR THE SUMMER! We are in the midst of the best 3 months of every student’s year. The time when they don’t have to worry about how much schoolwork they have to do, the endless hours of cramming […]

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

By Kelsey Lyon, OMS II When we think of wellness it is easy to get caught up on the dimensions of wellness that are largely emphasized in the media; the dimensions of physical and emotional wellness. While these are important aspects of personal wellness we must not forget that there are seven dimensions of wellness that […]

Out Loud–Raising our Voices for Access to Medicine

By Sherie Newcomb The day prior to the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) protest in Washington, D.C., I had rehearsed in my head the way I anticipated the day and the votes would unfold. The day of the event I met with another AMSA activist and traveled by train to meet with other global advocates from […]

What is a Good MCAT Score?

By: Petros Minasi   Now that scores for the April and May 2015 MCAT administrations are being released, there are a lot of questions swimming through the minds of pre-meds who are applying to medical school this year—specifically the question of: What is a good MCAT score? The new “30” In years past, it was […]

Journal of a Bird-dogger

June 5, 2015 A hotel parking lot somewhere outside Chicago It is 1:30AM when we finally roll up to the parking lot of the hotel where we pick up the final member of our bird-dog crew.  Our final destination is Des Moines, Iowa, the site of our first event of the weekend, a meet and greet […]

Fast Track–Threatening Access to Medicines Around the World

  By: Alison Case, M.D. AMSA Education & Advocacy Fellow Health and trade are not traditionally clumped together.  At least, I never had a course in medical school on free trade agreements and intellectual property rights.  It might be expected that one impacts the other only in so far as any other major industry might be […]

Integrated Sciences on the MCAT 2015 Exam

By: Petros Minasi The new MCAT will present many changes, including the additions of biochemistry, psychology, and sociology, a longer test day, and a fourth section. There is one change that is subtler, but nonetheless substantial: the integration of the sciences on the exam. Integrated sciences on the MCAT 2015 In taking prerequisite courses in your […]

Why You Should Attend the Kaplan Medical School Insider Event

by Owen Farcy Join us on Monday, May 4th at 8PM ET for this year’s Medical School Insider event. Five years ago, we premiered Kaplan’s Medical School Insider (MSI) event with one goal in mind—to connect students directly with deans of admissions and true experts on the medical school application process so that the questions […]

The Importance of Health to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

By: Anna Zelivianskaia M.D. Candidate 2016 – University of Illinois-Chicago College of Medicine “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.” –Martin Luther King Jr. Health care is not listed as a basic human right in most constitutions, including our own. Yet I suspect the majority of citizens […]