AMSA Action Committees

For years, AMSA’s action committee leaders have referred to their groups as the heart and soul of AMSA. And in many ways they are. While the Board of Trustees governs the organization, the action committees produce ideas and projects. AMSA’s nine committees represent areas the Association feels all medical students should value as vital in becoming a socially responsible physician/healer. They promote these areas of interest and associated projects to AMSA members on national, regional and local levels and are integral in helping AMSA maintain its dynamic view of medicine amidst tremendous and rapid change. They are also a frontline for the association’s dedication to redefining the culture and activities of medicine.


Advisory Boards

In addition to AMSA’s committees, we have 3 main campaigns and 2 advisory boards that we focus heavily on throughout the year. We invite you to learn more and get involved locally.

AC Leadership

AC Chairs & Coordinators

Action Committees plan, implement, assess and evaluate as well as provide content expertise for national programming available for membership engagement, regional and local efforts.

Become a Leader

Looking to make a difference? Your chapter members can serve as chapter chairs in these topics too!

Program Development
Perry Tsai
Vice President for Program Development
Attends to Action Committees and serves as their representation to the AMSA Board of Trustees and AMSA Foundation.