What do we stand for? How do we make impact?

November 09, 2023

What do we stand for? What drives AMSA forward — what policies and guidelines do we set in motion to advance our work? You decide. How cool is that?

Today, we’re offering a brief overview of AMSA’s House of Delegates: what it is and how you can play a role. Let’s go.

What’s this?

AMSA’s House of Delegates occurs annually and will take place virtually this year on Saturday, February 3rd, 2024.

This is our opportunity every year to take stock of the world around us and make sure that our organization is governed by the laws we believe in. Every year, we pass resolutions (cough-cough *publications*) that modify our by-laws so that they are up-to-date and express the views that AMSA members truly believe in.

Our by-laws come in two parts- one is the Preambles, Purposes, and Principles (PPP), which dictates what AMSA is allowed to advocate for. We also have the Constitution and Bylaws of Internal Affairs (CBIA), which share the structure of AMSA and how we govern ourselves. These documents, hand in hand, help make us the organization you see today.

What can I do?

Two choices! First, if you want to write a resolution but are not sure how, never fear!  We’ll have workshops and opportunities to meet directly with our national leaders for more insight. Keep an eye on our website and social media for specifics. We’re here to help! Submissions close on December 20th, 2023.

And/or you can get involved in leadership at the House of Delegates! Our Nominations, Credentialing, and Reference Committees help our House of Delegates run, and can be a stepping stone to more leadership opportunities in the future. Learn more at our website! Applications will close on December 5th, 2023.

I’d like to learn more. 

We recently held a workshop that’s recorded and stored here — where we simulated resolution-making and more, to give you a primer.

At AMSA, we believe in helping you become the best future physician you can be. Feel free to reach out to us at vpia@amsa.org or secretary@amsa.org if you have any questions!

Thank you,
Anishaa Sivakumar
AMSA’s VP for Internal Affairs