Wisdom Ikpama

International Membership Director

Wisdom Ikpama is a dedicated third-year medical student at All Saints University School of Medicine Dominica. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Anatomy and Cell Biology from Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria. Hailing proudly from Delta State, Nigeria, Wisdom is of Urhobo descent.
Throughout his academic journey, Wisdom has actively contributed to various roles and initiatives. He notably held the position of president within his local AMSA chapter, where he demonstrated strong leadership and organizational skills. Additionally, he served as a student ambassador, extending a warm welcome to new students and orchestrating pre-orientation programs to ensure a smooth integration into campus life.
Beyond his academic commitments, Wisdom has a strong passion for community service. He has volunteered extensively in Dominica, engaging in initiatives that benefit the local community. Recognizing the importance of supporting fellow medical students, Wisdom founded the Cheer Medics foundation. This foundation is dedicated to assisting medical students and medically disadvantaged elderly individuals, reflecting his profound commitment to humanity’s well-being.
Apart from his medical pursuits, Wisdom possesses exceptional talents in web development and clinical research. His adeptness in these areas has contributed to his holistic understanding of the medical field. Alongside his academic and professional pursuits, Wisdom finds enjoyment in diverse activities such as cooking, dancing, and reading.

In essence, Wisdom Ikpama embodies a multifaceted individual with a strong drive for excellence in both his medical education and his contributions to the welfare of others.