Navya Kalia

Immigrant and Migrant Health Coordinator

Navya is a Senior at Michigan State University (MSU) with an anticipated Bachelor of Science in Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience in December 2022. Her future plans include matriculation into medical school during Summer 2023. Navya joined the MSU Premedical Chapter as a general member during her Freshman year. The following year, she joined the Executive Board as a Public Relations Officer. She had the privilege of leading the chapter as President from 2021-2022. During this time, she has become passionate about health disparities within medicine, specifically affecting immigrant and migrant populations, other racial minorities, and individuals experiencing homelessness. In her current AMSA National Leadership role, Navya strives to spread awareness of the challenges immigrants and migrants face in the healthcare system, improve cultural competence amongst healthcare professionals/students, and promote health equity overall. In her free time, Navya loves traveling, writing, watching movies, and spending time with friends and family.