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Why You Should Attend the Kaplan Medical School Insider Event

by Owen Farcy

Join us on Monday, May 4th at 8PM ET for this year’s Medical School Insider event.

Five years ago, we premiered Kaplan’s Medical School Insider (MSI) event with one goal in mind—to connect students directly with deans of admissions and true experts on the medical school application process so that the questions that matter can be answered by those with the most experience.

In the years since that first event, we’ve seen MSI grow in both size and scope. Each year more and more students tune in to learn about the latest trends in medical school admissions. The discussion gives them a chance to peer behind the curtain to hear what admissions committees really think about their applications. The internet is overflowing with opinions and advice about how to build your medical school application to increase your chances of acceptance, but ultimately the only opinions that matter are those of the admissions committees making the decision.

This year’s MSI will happen on Monday, May 4, 2015 from 8:00-9:30PM ET.

It promises to be a hallmark event, as the 2015 application cycle is fraught with more unknown factors than in years past due to the introduction of the new MCAT 2015 exam. Questions abound about the role the new test will play in admissions this year, such as which scores will be considered “acceptable” and if medical schools may change how they weigh GPAs, personal statements, and other components of the application.
With a panel composed of medical school deans, admissions officers, pre-medical advisors, and medical students, the collective expertise of the event promises to address all of the biggest concerns for the upcoming application season, and then some. Moreover, every student can submit questions directly to the panelists with a chance that they’ll be answered live on the air. Questions can be submitted either in written or video form by completing this form prior to the show or by live tweeting during the event.

As the host of The Pulse and moderator for Medical School Insider, I certainly hope that you’ll make the time to join us for this exciting and informative event!
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