What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct method of primary health care that incorporates CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) and conventional medical therapies and diagnostics. Naturopathic physicians are trained in conventional medical sciences including physical examination, lab diagnosis, pharmacology and minor surgery, as well as safe and evidence-based CAM therapies. 1, 2

Naturopathic physicians receive extensive training in many natural therapies not offered, or offered in a limited capacity, in conventional medical programs. This includes clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, environmental medicine, physical medicine and naturopathic manipulation, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, psychology, and lifestyle counseling. Students may also elect to complete additional studies in traditional medicines such as acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine.

Naturopathic physicians function as ICAM (Integrative, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine) experts, and are able to combine all of their areas of training into a truly integrated medical practice. Naturopathic physicians can function as primary care physicians in states where they are licensed to do so, or can work alongside conventional physicians to help advise both patients and physicians on the safe and effective use of ICAM.

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  • Certification Course on Environmental Medicine
    For licensed health care providers who wish to improve their ability to provide healthcare to environmentally toxic individuals.
  • Blood Chemistry Analysis
    A wealth of information about using functional diagnosis and blood chemistry analysis. You’ll never look at CBC the same way again! Run by Dr. Dicken Weatherby.
  • Bravewell Clinical Network
    8 leading clinical centers that deliver integrative care
  • The Bravewell Collaborative
    Founded in 2002 by a small group of leading philanthropists dedicated to transforming healthcare by returning the soul to medicine.
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
    Integrative Cancer Care (including naturopathic medicine) and Research in 5 states
  • Eclectic Medical Publications
    Small, independent press that offers several excellent books on botanical safety and on interactions between drugs and natural medicines.
  • Healing Mountain Publishing
    Provides physician-level information for both student and practitioner of natural medicine. Offers comprehensive study aids for students preparing for the NPLEX examinations.
  • Herbal Educational Services
    Upcoming herbal conferences with recordings and proceedings books from older conferences available for purchase
  • Homeopathic Symposium
    Created by Dr. Malcolm Smith, this ground breaking website features interactive video cases that present remarkable cures by homeopathy plus online seminars by world renowned homeopaths like Rajan Sankaran.
  • iCaduceus
    Web-based diagnostic and treatment support system for integrative and holistic physicians. Uses standard (Western) medical definitions of conditions, but provides only non-pharmacological treatments. Student subscriptions available.
  • Integrator Blog
    News, reports, opinion and networking for the business, education, policy and practice of Integrated Medicine, CAM and Integrated Health Care
  • The Institute for Functional Medicine
    A nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to improve patient outcomes through prevention, early assessment and comprehensive management of complex, chronic disease.
  • Mercola Optimal Wellness Center
    Almost everything you want to know about CAM/Integrative Medicine. Offers an excellent weekly email update.
  • Michael Moore’s Southwest School of Botanical Medicine
    One of the largest collections of medicinal plant images, plus PDFs of dozens of classical botanical texts- all for free!
  • One Lucky Duck
    Everything you need to go raw!
  • SaluGenecists, Inc.
    Created by a group of NDs and MDs, this company is utilizing artificial intelligence to bring integrative medicine to the masses. This is interesting info from both a personal and professional perspective.
  • Teleosis Institute
    An excellent resource and link to a community of practitioners dedicated to Green Healthcare. The Institute also offers an online course in Environmentally-Sustainable Medicine.
  • Weston A. Price Foundation
    A wealth of information on traditional diets (including info on cultured foods, raw milk and the dangers of soy), basic nutrition and the pros and cons of various diets (including vegetarian, macrobiotic and traditional). Dr. Price was a dentist who studied the effects of nutrient-dense whole foods and animal fats on health.
  • Whole Health Now
    Information on Radar Software, a calendar of homeopathy seminars around the world and MP3s of over fifty teleconferences with many of the best homeopaths alive.
  • WHO Traditional Medicine Site
    Provides links to websites and centers collaborating with the World Health Organization to study Traditional Medicine. A fact sheet that describes the use of Traditional Medicine around the world, as well as WHO’s priorities for promoting the use of this medicine, is available.
  • Wild Fermentation
    Information on cultured and fermented foods including Miso, Kefir, Kombucha and Yogurt.

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