Remy Arnot

AMSA-GoodRx Education & Advocacy Fellow

Born and raised in western Montana, I am proud of my roots. Since I can remember I have been involved in my local communities, giving back in whatever ways I can—from picking up garbage to providing COVID-19 vaccines. I appreciate the difficulties that Montanans face when receiving healthcare: our towns are far apart, the right doc is not always in town, and as the cost of living goes up, our margin for self-care goes down. As a Montanan, I firmly believe that as things change, certain things will always remain the same. This includes our universal need for food water and shelter. As I come home after my two years of didactic training in Yakima Washington, I see that many things have changed making appropriate healthcare, housing and appropriate affordable healthcare hard to find. I am here to help bridge that gap, and I look forward to acquiring the training needed by my patients. I am an avid learner, a passionate physician in training and a proud Montanan.