Pharis Sasa


Pharis is a third year medical student at Frank H. Netter School of Medicine. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Neueoscience from Quinnipiac University. He is passionate about addressing racial and economic based inequalities in healthcare, criminal justice reform, and environmental justice. As an undergraduate he worked as a healthcare advocate for a local refugee resettlement agency, helping to ensure incoming families had comprehensive access to care. Prior to medical school he worked as an EMT and volunteer firefighter at the North Scituate Fire Department in Scituate, RI. At Netter he worked with his AMSA chapter to create a mentor program that connects medical students with pre-medicine undergrads. During the pandemic he worked on a project with students from the school of law to identify incarcerated individuals at Danbury prison with conditions that put them at risk for serious COVID complications and work to get them home sentences. He is passionate about using his voice to hold our elected officials accountable. As this year’s REACH Chair he hopes to inspire others to raise their voices and demand change.