Kelechi Johnson

International Membership Director

Kelechi Johnson is an exceptional and adventurous third- year medical student at the American University of Barbados, SOM.

She is one of the International Membership Directors for AMSA this year, bringing her passion and dedication to the forefront of international medical student engagement. Having been an active and enthusiastic AMSA member for two years, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to the organization’s mission of cultivating a diverse community of future physicians.

She is dedicated to enhancing the international membership experience, promoting cross cultural collaboration, and ensuring the voices of all AMSA members are heard and valued. Her involvement in AMSA and her commitment to her community underscore her desire to make a positive impact both within and beyond the medical field.

Kelechi finds solace in the pages of Nigerian fictional literature. Her love for these narratives not only highlights her cultural connection but also demonstrates her appreciation for the power of storytelling. Through these literary explorations, she finds inspiration, relaxation, and a deeper understanding of her roots.