Holly Spellmann Burdette

Digital Marketing Manager

As a member of AMSA’s Communications and Marketing team, Holly works to share AMSA’s benefits and goings-on with members through email and the web. She works closely with AMSA partners, leaders, and staff to get their messages out into the world, and will take any opportunity to put together reports or dashboards to find actionable information in data.

She finds enjoyment in spreadsheet formulas, which means metamorphosis into “peak office worker” is well on its way. The real fun though is in working with AMSA’s leadership and members—they are as interesting and well-functioning as the best of spreadsheet formulas.

Outside of AMSA, Holly enjoys rural life in Loudoun County, Virginia, with her husband, toddler, and pet gecko. They love to go on hikes to take in Blue Ridge Mountain and Potomac River views, or stay in and play video games. For full disclosure, the gecko neither hikes nor plays video games.